Welcome to Demetris’ Encore Journey

Me with My Grandbaby Mink, My Future Daughter-In-Law LaToya and My Son's Future Mother-In-Law Louise

Me with My Grandbaby Mink, My Future Daughter-In-Law LaToya and My Son’s Future Mother-In-Law Louise

This blog is dedicated to documenting my Encore Journey. This journey began at the end of my Single Parent journey and finds me single, fancy-free and adventurous! When I turned 50 years old (July 22, 2012), my son had obtained a Bachelor degree, a Master degree, been gainfully employed for two (2) years and had his first child on Valentine’s Day, 2012! If I had to say so myself, I would say, “THANK GOD for a job well done!”

Now, it was time for ME to do the things that I wish I had done, things I could do and things that I had only dreamed of! I began this journey by resigning from a federal government career where I had been employed for 24 1/2 years, but miserably employed for the last 20 years. My son was ready to move out into his own place, but he wanted to leave my Granddog, Misti Bleup; what I saw as a responsibility. That is when the idea came to me… No, how about you stay here in this house with your dog and I will move out, go back to school to get me a Master degree?!”

That is exactly what I did! I enrolled in Eastern Illinois University’s Family and Consumer Science graduate program in Fall (August 18). 2011. During this time, I decided to join the program’s Study Abroad venture to South Africa in Fall, 2013! I officially moved out of Charleston on Tuesday; May 28 to spend the summer with my son and his new family until we depart on Tuesday; July 30, 2013!

I will be using this blog for short stories, pictures, phrases and thoughts of my experiences. My first stop on this journey will be my Future Daughter-In-Law’s Bridal Shower, which will be held this Saturday; June 01.

Until next time…