Second Addition – A Granddaughter

The next addition to join me on this Encore Journey is My First Granddaughter, DeYani Danielle!  I affectionally nicknamed her “Mink!”  Sh is the SWEETEST gift given to our family; born on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2012)!  It seems as if she was a SPECIAL gift to me for so many reasons!  (1) She looks just like me; hands down!  (2) She appears to have the same personality as me, to a higher power! (3) She LOVES me; we have a special bond.  For example, just this morning I was sitting in my room thinking how I needed to get some water to take my morning medication and in walks Mink with a bottle of water!!  I must mention that the case of water was sitting in her reach and she had made it a game to take each bottle out.  I guess when she got one out, she didn’t know what to do with it; so she thought to bring me one and I needed it!  211

Everyday I’m convinced that GOD BLESSED Mink to me as a SPECIAL GIFT!

This picture was taken at the Bon Vonage Cookout given BY My Son and My Future Daughter-In-Law and FOR My Son and My Future Daughter-In-Law (TEAM LAWRENCE).  This was their celebration with the people that are not able to attend their wedding that will be held in Puerto Villa Magma, Mexico on June 22, 2013!


First Journey’s Addition – A Daughter

As I proceed on my Encore Journey and leave the life of Single Parenthood with only one Son, the first thing I pick up is a Daughter (in-Law)!  On July 18, 2011, my son, Daniel DeLorez  proposed to LaToya Denise King and she said, “YES!”  They will be joined together in Holy Matrimony on Saturday, June 22, 2013 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

From what I learned about LaToya coupled with the previous experiences with other women in my son’s life, I believed LaToya was THE ONE!  On Saturday, June 01, 2013 I along with my Cousin DeJuana Lynette Thomas attended LaToya’s Bridal Shower.  In attendance were her family, friends, co-workers and Sorors.  During the Bridal Shower, we were instructed to introduce ourselves, tell how we knew LaToya and tell of the Most Memorable Moment you shared with her.  Listening to the stories of these attendees, it was confirmed that my Son AND I are BLESSED to have LaToya in our lives and I THANK GOD for her!

I’m HONORED to have LaToya join me and my family as my Daughter on my Encore Journey!  Image