August 1 – First day in Cape Town

We were happily greeted at the airport by Dr. Dagni Bredesen, our Instructor for Study Abroad: Faculty-Led Program (STA 5970). Dr. Bredesen brought along Arlene and Hilton Hermanus.  Arlene works for African Angel tours and is the Head Tour Guide for student groups in Cape Town.  They greeted us with water and a welcome to South Africa gift (bead & wire key chain). I think they were just as happy to see us as we were to see them.

Before we departed from the airport, Dr. Bredesen gave her first lesson to us on how to convert our American money to South African money and how to safely use the ATM machines in South Africa.  She informed us that she gave us the lesson in the airport, because the ATM fees were cheaper in the airport and highly recommended us to use the airport ATM before we departed.

On our ride to our living quarters (Dale Court Guest House in Green Point) she shared with us her personal story about their fight for the right to vote.  She was very passionate about people learning and knowing about the struggle for the right to vote and how for this reason we should exercise that right.  The most interesting part about her story was how she explained the excitement she felt, when she was able to vote for the first time.  She laid her clothes out the night before and could hardly sleep.  She went very early in order to get in front of the line.  When she got there the line was extremely long!  She was surprised to find that more people were just as excited as she was and had camped out to ensure that they were in the front of the line.  I found Arlene to be very intriguing and what I liked most about her was how PROUD she was to be a South African!  I’m sorry I didn’t get to take a picture of Arlene and Hilton; remember, I was so exhausted and in so much pain, taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

Dr. Bredesen was ready for us to hit the ground running.  When she began to tell us the plans for the day, we were looking at her like, “What?!”  All we wanted to do was to shower, stretch out and sleep!  She had a breakfast waiting for us at the Dale Court and she had special guests waiting to speak to us.  Like on the cruise ship, she had arranged for us to have a safety meeting from the Police.  They gave us very useful information regarding being aware of our surroundings and being careful about the people you trust to help you.

We have two apartments with four people in each apartment.  My apartment mates are Amber, Jaime and Ronisha.  Amber and I share a room and Ronisha and Jaime share the other one.  After our safety meeting, we took showers and went right to sleep!

Later, we met back up with Dr. Bredesen and to walk on the Sea Point Promenade, where young and old gather to enjoy the late afternoon sea breeze every day.  There were people of all aspects; people jogging from one end to the other, children playing happily, families were walking their dogs, and Jewish ladies socializing on the benches.

After our walk, we caught a taxi to Nando’s for dinner.  Nando’s is Home of the legendary, Portuguese flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken.  After dinner, we walked back to Dale Court and stopped at Internet Café for each of us to use the computer.  We were craving access to the internet and our stop there only teased us.  Our final stop was to Gelato Mania, which is a unique gelateria that specializes in traditional home-made Italian style ice cream and located right beneath Amber and my room.

First Day in Cape Town, South Africa

Us in the Custom line at Cape Town Airport

Ronisha and Jaime after our Safety Meeting

Amber after our safety meeting

At Sea Point Promenade

At the Internet Cafe

Because of my back pain, Dr. Breseden suggested that I may need to do stretches.  I thought that was a GREAT idea; so after the ice cream stop, she came to our apartment to do stretches with Amber, Ronisha and I.   It was a good first day!

7 thoughts on “August 1 – First day in Cape Town

  1. Did they give you any Tylenol or something for your back? Stretching is good. Also sleeping on something hard. The worse is walking. Take it easy. The rooms look very nice. How’s the bed?

    • My instructor gave me some of her anti-inflammatory medicine and it really helped a lot! We have twin beds and they are cool!

    • The rooms are very clean! Yes, I ate the Peri chicken. You can select how spicy you want it; so, I picked “Hot Peri Peri;” which is next to the hottest. If we go back, I’m going to pick the hottest; they call it “Black Label,” because the Hot Peri Peri wasn’t that hot to me.

  2. Well; good morning, it sound like you had a full exciting first day. Your room appears that you are on the second or third floor.

    Four months will pass so fast and Dr. Bredesen knows that oh so well; and she wants to take every advance of the time that she have for the group. I have no doubt that you will get pictures of Arlene and Hilton before you leave. I like that comment; We craved access to the internet; I know you did.

    That information that she is given to you about Been award of your surrounding and being careful about the people you trust to help U can be transferred where ever you go. Take heed and let it take adhesive to your entire body. Whatever you do; dont leave The Heavenly Trinity out of your environment.

    There were a sign Coffee/green tea (R 7/cup) how much is that in America money.

    Mind over matter with that back; pray, victory over those want to be aggravating pain. God in you and you in God; those pains have nothing on you, because God, Son defeated the death bed. Believe that Jesus want you to enjoy every moment in South Africa, Pray that God will Rebuke those pain, you believe that God has, and thank God for his Healing Power, and I am agreeing with you that those attempt paint will not flare up anymore. Go in Jesus Name and enjoy, learn, and serve in Jesus Name.

    X O X O Auntie

    Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 22:40:25 +0000 To:

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