August 2 – Second Day in Cape Town

I’m sorry to report that it was on this day that my body broke down.  I woke up with excruciating pain in my back and could not stand up.  It really disturbed me that on the second day, I failed at my son’s most important request of “not being the one that couldn’t/don’t keep up with the group.”  But thou could not be moved.  While the group went on with the regularly scheduled program with Dr. Bredesen, I stayed in the apartment in bed all day and night.  Dr. Murphy took care of me!  She brought me some anti-inflammatory medication that took away the excess pain.  She made me breakfast and went to the pharmacy to buy me some muscle spasm medication.  It worked and I was able to at least stand by the time the group got back.  While I was in bed, the cleaning ladies came to the room to clean; so they are my picture of the day.  Their names are Sophie and Rudia.  I think they were shocked, when I asked them if they wanted to take a picture.  I showed them the picture and asked them if they liked it or if they wanted to take a retake.  Rudia wanted a retake, so she could smile.  Sophie said, “This one like to take pictures.”  On their way out, I heard one say to the other one, “She was nice!”Our Cleaning Ladies 003

3 thoughts on “August 2 – Second Day in Cape Town

  1. Don’t be discouraged, I know you’re giving it your all. Stay focused and stretch like the lady told you. Maybe you should see if they do yoga or something like that.

    Love you Ma

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