August 4 – Fourth Day in Cape Town

Today’s adventure was a hike up Lion’s Head, which is a mountain in Cape Town between Table Mountain and Signal Hill.  It peaks at 2,195 feet above sea level!  Of course I didn’t go and neither did Amber.  My other two roommates (Jaime and Ronisha) went.  When they got back and Ronisha showed me her pictures, I was like, “I don’t think I would have done that even if my back was in better condition!”  They literally climbed the mountain, using their hands and feet, all the way to the top!  Ronisha was exhausted and went to bed for the rest of the day!

Dr. Bredesen showed us (without Ronisha) how to get to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, which is in the heart of Cape Town working harbor with indoor shopping and entertainment venues merged with oceans vistas and mountain views.  It’s basically a mall and has a great number of American stores.  If you are a shopper, you would love the Waterfront!  We walked around to familiarize ourselves with the place, because apparently we would be coming here a lot!

Moyo African Restaurant had employees giving complimentary face paintings and some members of our group, along with Dr. Bredesen got them.  The group got drinks (smoothies) from Kauai restaurant that is a healthy convenience food choice, is recognized as having developed a culture of healthy eating and has a philosophy of “eat better, live better.” Their food is made from the freshest natural ingredients available.   Amber and I were a little adventurous and ordered the ostrich wrap.

On our adventure the previous day, Alexei had informed us (when we saw the ostrich) of the many uses of ostriches; feathers used for feather dusters, skin used for leather products and meat was marketed commercially.  We were shocked that people really ate ostrich!  Now, here we were the very next day, ordering an ostrich wrap; just to see how it taste.  It looked like beef and tasted like beef and I usually don’t eat beef.  Now, would I order it again?  Probably not, but I had to try it because I’m on an adventurous mission right now!  I only ate half of mine and shared the rest with the group; so they could taste it as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this is the day I bought a walking stick!  It really helped me while doing all of this walking, too.  I’m out here like a REAL GRANDMOTHER, Baby; but I’m out here!!

Ronisha and Jaime ready for the hike of the Lion’s Head

At Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Dr. Bredesen






Ostrich wrap

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10 thoughts on “August 4 – Fourth Day in Cape Town

  1. i’m so proud of you for trying ostrich! i believe in at least trying the food – how can you know if you like it if you don’t try it? loving your posts – dr o’rourke has gotten all of the faculty in fcs following you now!

    • AAWW, that’s so nice of her! THANKS!! I’m trying my best to give you guys the experience! I told Dr. Murphy that I was putting her on the map and the next time she comes, she will most likely be overwhelmed with students who want to participate!

  2. Hi there – I am so excited to have found your blog! You are so brave to undertake this adventure. I will enjoy keeping up with your work in SA.

  3. Go girl, Ostrich wrap! Well well well! I am enjoying every moment of this trip like I’m in SA with u!. God bless you and I’m really envious you are not in Nigeria!

    • See mom, I told you to contact Atinuke.
      Nevertheless I am really enjoying this blog. I look firward every day to reading about your new adventure.
      How is that book coming along?

    • My son was bugging me to contact you, but I kept telling him that I did not think I would be able to hook up with you. Please let him know how far you are from me; because as I recalled you said I would need to take a plane ride, right?!

  4. I get so excited to hear your story….I truly feel like I am in Africa with you and Meach you truly have me rolling on the floor especially when you said Magic told you “Stay with the group”. You are blessed to be able to experience this!!!!!! Please keep it coming….

    • Mona, my roommates told me the same thing! They said I should have been a comedian. I told them my humor is sincere. I’m just everyday funny; I’m not “making a living” funny. You know me, I’ve got to keep it real!

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