August 07 – Seventh Day in Cape Town

Now, I know it may seems like we are on vacation, but don’t get it twisted, we are doing massive school work!

After class today, we went on the Bo Kaap walking tour.  Bo Kaap (formerly known as the Malay Quarter) is traditionally a multicultural area, rich in history and situated on the slopes of Signal Hill.  The area is known for its romantic cobble stones streets and reminds me a lot of San Francisco; with houses that stick together.  After the demise of forced racial segregation under apartheid, property in the Bo Kaap has become very sought after; for its location and its picturesque cobble streets and unique architecture.  The Bo Kaap Museum is the oldest house in the area still in its original form.

Our tour guide was Shireen Narkedien of Walking Tours of “The Cape Malay Quarter.”  During our tour, Shireen stopped in Biesmiellah, a Cape Malayan restaurant and bought koeksisters, Dhaltjies aka chilli bites and samosas.  Koeksisters are a South African syrup-coated doughnut in a twisted or braided shape.  Samosas are a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, ground lamb, ground beef or ground chicken.  We fell in love with the samosas!

After the Bo Kaap Museum, we stopped in “MonkeyBiz,” a sustainable income generating non-profit organization that provide self-employment opportunities to bead artists and provides them with skills training and support.

On our way to catch a taxi back home, we saw a group of men shooting craps.  I positioned my camera to take their picture and most of them held up their hand like “No;” not to take their picture.  Then one of them came up to me and said I could pay them to take their picture.  I was like, “No, I will not.”

Later, my flatmates and I went to the Waterfront to go to McDonalds, because we were craving some fattening America-like food!  And when I’m in America, McDonalds is one of the last places I would go to eat.  This McDonalds had a desert section that sold cheesecakes, muffins; pretty much pastries.  They had a cool play area for kids as well!

Amber and Rachel – The Long Walk to Freedom (LWTF) presenters for the day

Bo Kaap Museum

Our Tour Guide, Shireen Narkedien

See how cold we are

Inside of Biesmiellah

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