August 10 – Tenth Day in Cape Town

Today we took our Mid-term exam; not one of our favorite activities, but its part of the process (international learning)!148 149 161

Later we went to dinner with Luke Angels, Director of African Angels Tours.  We dined at Café Extrablatt for the first time and it has become me and my flatmates most favorite place to eat!

163 171 172

After dinner we were escorted by Kay-Lin Hermanus and her friend Amy to experience the night life of Cape Town.  When I’m home in America, I don’t go out for the night life; never was something I enjoyed doing.  I decided to go; just for the experience, to see how it was.  Remember, I’m out here experiencing and this was the experience for the day. We caught a taxi to Long Street, which is a major street located in the City Bowl section of Cape Town.  It is famous as a bohemian hang out and the street is lined with many book stores, various ethnic restaurants and bars.  Some of the clubs we barhopped to were Abantu Lodge & Backpacker, Bob’s and The Dubliner (to name a few).  At one of the clubs, we met a guy that was from Chicago and man he had that “Dougie” down; he was jamming!   In my opinion, it was pretty much the same as it was home; no one asks others to dance.  If they dance, they dance with the people they came with or by themselves; which is why I never understood the purpose of going out.  Again in my opinion, it’s more like a meat market, where people come out just to check each other out.  Different country, same concept.

Amy & Kay-Lin

The guys we met from Chicago; doing the “Dougie!”

By this time I had had enough of the night life, so Jaime, Anna and I got a ride home from Kay-Lin’s boyfriend.      175 176 173 174 178 179

4 thoughts on “August 10 – Tenth Day in Cape Town

    • It’s mid-winter here and their winters consists of heavy rain and wind. It has been raining and windy here for the last week. The temperature has been in the 50s and 60s, but it’s been cold. They don’t have central heat and the heat they do have, they don’t play it that much. Their alternative is to wear more clothes. We’ve been sleeping almost fully clothed. I haven’t been digging this cold weather, but spring is coming (I hope anyway)!!

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