August 24 – 24th Day in Cape Town

Today is our second class day without Dr. B.  Now, Dr. Murphy is our primary teacher and she chose to have class outside!  We walked down Main street to reach our destination of the Sea Point Promenade!  Dr. Murphy conducted class using her Kindle.  After class she stayed to search for sea shells and my flatmates and I walked to the Waterfront.  And what a walk it was!  One of the Green Point Park security guys that we asked for directions thought we were crazy for choosing to walk to the Waterfront; “I see you girls like to walk, yeh?!”  We didn’t want to tell him that it wasn’t that we liked to walk, but we were not real comfortable catching the city bus.  Besides, we had no idea how long it would take to get there.    067 078 079 082 080 086 083 089 085 091 094 092


Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  During our walk we looked up and saw people Hang Gliding off of Signal Hill!


068 071 074 075

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