Dr. B’s “Going Back Home” Gathering

Dr. Bredesen aka Dr. B

The Chef
65 on Main

Cali and Emily

Amber and Arlene

Jaimee and Ronisha

Our Waiters
Doesn;t he look like Raz B?!

Dr. Murphy and Clive

Hilton and Anna

Me and Clive

Dr. B., Denise and Rachel

Clive, Me and Dr. B.

AAWW Surpise!

She LOVES her gifts!!

Today we had a special gathering for Dr. Bredesen (Dr. B as we have grown to call her) at 65 on Main.  Her job here in South Africa has come to an end and though we understand that she must go, we will surely miss her.  She was AWESOME!  Her passionate South African knowledge was captivating and a huge assistance in getting us accumulated in this new environment.  061 040

2 thoughts on “Dr. B’s “Going Back Home” Gathering

  1. Farwell Dr. B; it was nice getting to know you through “Cyber Space,” and praying that you have a safe trip going home. Blessings from the Heavenly Trinity Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 14:40:05 +0000 To: wearefamily4@live.com

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