August 28 – 28th Day in Cape Town

Today we had a lecture from a guy named Innocent Kache.  Before I tell you about him, let me remind you how we have been warned about safety.  Remember, when we first step on Cape Town’s ground, Dr. B met us at the airport and before we departed from the airport, she gave us a lecture on being safe.  That was just our first lecture and throughout the trip we have been constantly reminded about being safe.  When we met the Consul General, she immediately began to talk to us about being safe.  Being raised in the projects have bred me on being safe; so when I received these warnings my safety antennas were extremely extended and I’ve been safety paranoid.  So, when the group informed me that Dr. Murphy said she met a taxi driver that inspired her so much, she asked him to come in and speak to us!

RED ALERT; I thought, “Is Dr. Murphy crazy?!  And his name is Innocent?!”  I told my flatmates that I would be sure to give him a look to let him know that I did not trust him and we were ready to do anything necessary to protect ourselves from him.  I even “googled” him to see if I could find any other information about him.

Innocent came and tell us his life story and I felt bad for being so paranoid about him.  I understood why Dr. Murphy was so moved to have him to come and speak to us!  His story is so much like my own, it was touching.

I must say the way South Africans tell stories is so intoxicating.  Unfortunately, I could never tell you his story in the manner he told us; it was just too long and too detailed.  In a nutshell, like me, he has lived a life of struggle.  Innocent was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  His parents separated, when he was young and he never knew him.  His mother died, when he was young and he was raised in an abusive environment by his maternal aunt (his mother’s sister).  One difference is his father is alive and well, but has never been a father to him.  He admits that he still has bitter feelings towards his father and he continues to pray about that.

The moral of his story is that he knows his life has been and is in the hands of a higher power and through it all, he will be alright.  His journey of struggle brought him to Cape Town.  Since being in Cape Town he has been able to buy a car, which is why he is a taxi driver.  He feels that though he has struggled most of his life, he will be rich one day.  He suggested that we stay in touch with him through Facebook, because one day he may be in America!  To him, coming to America is like going to Heaven!

Though, I initially thought Dr. Murphy was crazy for inviting Innocent to come to speak with us, he has become another of my Facebook friends; a brother from another country.  Ironically, he has a picture on his Facebook page that says, “Need New Haters, the old ones are starting to like me…”


One thought on “August 28 – 28th Day in Cape Town

  1. I knew I said; I had to get ready for church; which I really do, I am behind in read my email, because of hackers only allow me to use it when they want me too, and I saw this one and I decided to read it, in case when I got back from church, I would not be able to use the computer. I understand safety, I am watching, my environment, because of strange things are going on in it, and it behoove and overwhelming me why these things are going on. You can never be be safe about your environment neither your friends and family. Jesus; had a traitor in his camp, Joseph brothers threw him in a hole, than sold him; friend and family. I do have to go, talk later. X O X O Auntie Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 18:54:06 +0000 To:

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