Knysna, South Africa

My favorite thing at the Elephant Park; HEAT!!


008 017 019 150On our way to Port Elizabeth, we stopped for an overnight stay in Knysna, South Africa, which is a town in the Western Cape Providence and part of the Golden Route.  The town is a popular destination for both tourist and senior citizens entering retirement due to the year-round warm climate.  Recently the town has also become a preferred destination among golfers, as the town boasts several world class golf courses including Pezula Golf Course, Simola Golf Course and the well-established Knysna Golf Course situated on the lagoon.  Knysna’s other claim to fame is its proximity to the fabled relict elephant population that survives in the region.  And boy did we see the elephants, when we visited the Knysna Elephant Park!  First we had lunch and then we went to feed the elephants!


Watching the video before we go out to feed the elephants

Accommodations for those that want to spend the night with the elephants

Oh YES, he did!

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