Farewell Gathering from Charles Duna Primary School

On October 04, which was our last day, the Faculty and Teachers gathered to present us with a semi-official Charles Duna Farewell.  Due to the school hosting a Memorial on the same day as our last day for Mr. Mpumzi Xolisa Genius, who was Charles Duna’s Math Teacher and passed away during our tenure; so a semi-official Farewell was given to us.

They began the gathering singing and dancing with us.

526 527 528

Speeches were given by Ms. Sume, the principal


An administrator


Ms. Koleka, as a representative for the Teachers in Grade R


Khosi, a 7th Grader as the representative for the students.


Ms. Sume presented us with Charles Duna duffle bags as tokens of appreciation.

536 539 543 544 545

Prof (as Dr. Murphy is known in South Africa) gave final words of thanks and appreciation.


The gathering ended socializing and sharing cake and pop.


537 550


One thought on “Farewell Gathering from Charles Duna Primary School

  1. Demetris I have appreciated seeing all of your pictures. I feel like I have been on the journey with you. Thanks for taking time to do the blog.

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