My Favorite Place in Port Elizabeth – King’s Beach

While we were engrossed in working in the townships, I found my most favorite place in Port Elizabeth.



It was right across the street from where we were living.

Where we lived


The street I had to cross to get to Kings Beach

King’s Beach, a 1.6km stretch of golden sand between the harbor wall and the neighboring Humewood Beach, is the perfect family beach, with plenty of space and well-maintained change rooms and ablution facilities.

Scenes I shot during my visits to King’s Beach

001 004 014

099 103

011 015 021 030


One afternoon, I had lunch at Angelo’s, Afritalian Cafe and enjoyed a tasty pasta and a slice of Red Velvet cake that was to die for, while enjoying the stunning view on the Beach.

034 032

Where I sat for lunch

I took time every morning before we were picked up to go to King’s Beach for a MUCH NEEDED Morning Meditation; to relieve stress and help me relax.  As any person with a Morning Routine knows, if you are consistent with your days and times, you will begin to meet friends that will miss you, when you don’t show.  And I did.  This is one of my Morning Friends I met.  During Spring break, I showed up for Morning Meditation late, because our pick up was later and on the first day he said, “You’re Late!”



I am definitely going to miss the luxury of walking across the street to engage in Morning Meditation on the Beach.



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