Our Tour of Chintsa Village

On our first full day (October 06, 2013) in Chintsa, Denver took us to tour the Chintsa Village.  We parked at the Cintsa Green Space Building Project, where Volunteer Africa 32 South is in the process of building a Cultural Center.  

After we parked, we walked through the village.  


We saw work that Volunteer Africa 32 South had completed; the uplift of a Community Preschool, 



and Sports Field.   

We saw a few people.  



Our visit was on a Sunday, so most people were in church.  We could hear them singing as we walked through the village.  

One of the churches


We saw their houses.  

We saw a lot of animals, which all walked around freely.  

Check us out in the Chintsa Village!  






One thought on “Our Tour of Chintsa Village

  1. Hi Demetris

    I would like to say thanks again for doing the blog postings. It has been fun watching all of your travels. Frances and your group all look like you are having a great time. As I see your pictures it reminds me of my trip to SA. Although your journey is coming to a close soon it has provided you a life time worth of memories. Safe travels. JP

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