Ambivalence Time with Grade 3 African Angels


What I admired most about Aunty Ali was her ability to make an academic lesson out of most life experiences.  At the end of my first week, as the students writing lesson, she instructed them to write 8 sentences to me in a “Thank You” letter.


When Awonke finished his assignment, he wrote me an additional private note.  He told me to read it right away, because he needed a favor.  The note was asking me to make a copy of the photograph I took of him so he could give it to his mother.  For this reason, I decided to make a copy for each of the students.  I was able to give it to them during my second week and I wrote a personal message on the back to each of them.


My time with Grade 3 African Angels was both rewarding and challenging, but most of all enlightening.  I’ll always carry the Grade 3 African Angels in my heart.

During our Farewell Gathering I took a picture with each of them; with the exception of three (3), who had been suspended for continuous misbehavior (Akha, Imvana and Indi).  They presented me with a Thank You card where each of them wrote something to me.  What impressed me the most was it included the three that were on suspension.  How did they do that?

Aunty Ali – “I am so glad you were chosen to spend time in our class.  We had a blast.  Thank you for all you did with the kids in Grade 3.”

Akha – “I love you so much like sweet chocolate.”

Imvana – “Thank you Aunty Dee.”

Indi – “I love you so much, because you did work for me.  I love you like a sky.  I will not forget you for ever.  You are God to me.”

Amahle – “You are my one and only friend that I will not forget in my life.  We love you in Grade 3.  I will not forget how wonderful you are in my life.  You are like a sky with birds to me.”


Lutho – “I love you very much.  I wish you don’t go.”


Owam – “Thank you for helping me with my work.  I love.”


Thabisile – “Thank you for being such a wonderful person.  You are the star I like very much.  I love you.”


Awonke – “Thank you.”


Hlomla – “I love you, Aunty Dee.  I miss you.”


Okuhle – “Love from Okuhle”


Phumlisa – “Thanks for everything.”


Sim – “Thank You”


Just like they thanked me, I want to thank each of them for the experience.  I will miss all of them and will be praying that each of them achieve their full potential in life.


My last shot of the African Angels

Resources at African Angels

I was most impressed with the resources available to the children at African Angels.

They receive traditional dance lessons from Yiva Mpatana, who lives in Chintsa Village.

They receive yoga lessons called “Wiggles.”

They receive recorder lessons.


They have community volunteers that come in just to spend time with them.