Gwegwesha Day Care Center

Gwegwesha Day Care Center was motivated, created and founded from a vision of Wellington Kangapi, who is originally from Mzwini.

Wellington moved from Mzwini to Cape Town and obtained a job with the South African Police Department.  He worked there for over 20 years and had become an Investigator.  During his tenure he experienced unfair treatment.  It was not until he was instructed to train an individual, who became his supervisor.  After he trained him, Wellington was still assigned to do the work; while the new supervisor received the payment.  All the new supervisor did was sign his signature on all of the work that Wellington completed.  For this reason, Wellington decided to resign and he gave them a 24 hour notice.  They told him that he would have to pay, if he wanted to resign the next day and he said, “How much?”  When they gave him the total amount to pay, he paid it, left the job and moved back to his hometown in Mzwini.

Wellington’s Home

Once he was back home, he noticed there were a great number of small children not going to school; sitting around doing nothing all day.  His investigating skills motivated him to inquire for the reason.  He found that the schools were located far from where the children lived.  Wellington reflected on his younger years when he lived in Mzwini and still was required to take the long walk to those same schools.  Yet, today most of the children are being raised by their grandparents, mainly the grandmothers, who are unable to make the long walk in order to take the children to school.  Wellington concluded that they needed a closer school and it became his mission to create one.

As you can see from the pictures of Mzwini, there is a lot of vacant land.  There was vacant land right across the road from Wellington’s house, which he felt would be a great location for a crèche.  He wrote a business plan for the creation of the creche and presented it to the municipality; seeking their assistance to level the land.  It was approved!  They came out and leveled the land.  Wellington used his own pension money to buy the shelter for the school and in July, 2013 Gwegwesha Day Care opened as a new neighborhood crèche!

Wellington is married with three children of his own; two adult and one high school.  His wife, Nlundi, who is a certified teacher, is the teacher and designated principal of the crèche.


His son, Zoro, lives with them and has been working diligently right along side of his father pursing this vision.

There are approximately 30 students currently enrolled in the crèche and Mrs. Kangapi works with a Teacher’s Aide, Nobethuna Tumana.

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