The Children of Gwegwesha Day Care Center

We did not spend a lot of time working directly with the children of Gwegwesha Day Care.  Our assignment was construction maintenance at this site.  Yet, we did take time to interact with them during our breaks.  Just as we did then, I’m going to do now and take a break to introduce you to the children of Gwegwesha Day Care Center.  I didn’t learn any of their names, but I’ll always remember their little faces.  They are aged 0 – 6 years old.

The kids all walked to school; some by themselves, some were walked by their parents, some were walked by their grandparent, some were walked by their sibling and some were carried.

I was most impressed by this one little boy, who walked to school all by himself; rain, shine or sleet!  He always had his little book bag that looked like it had nothing in it.  And he was ALWAYS the first one at school!  I was able to catch a shot of him on this day, when it had rained.  Here he came with his little book bag and today he had on rain boots; ALWAYS READY!!

The one thing I LOVED the most about all of the schools in South Africa, they PRAY!  Just like all other schools, Gwegwesha is teaching the children to PRAY!

Dr. Murphy made play dough for them and came in to teach them how to play with it.  She, also, bought paint and brushes to ignite their creativity.

Me interacting with the children.

Remember this picture


2 thoughts on “The Children of Gwegwesha Day Care Center

  1. Hey D

    How are you ? I just enjoy reading your Journey, you make me feel as if I am there. The knowledge that you have gain and the hearts that you have touch is immeasurable.

    I thank you for allowing me to be part of your Journey! Be safe and as always may “GOD” keep you all safe.

    Until next time.



    (PS: I tried to make my comments in your blog but, I could not)

    • Hey Karen,

      You were successful in making your comment. I just had to approve it. I appreciate you taking time to journey with me. It is GREATLY appreciated! I hope all is well with you and your family! PLEASE stay tuned…

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