Our Work is Done, But Gwegwesha’s Needs Continue

We are PROUD to see how Gwegwesha Day Care Center has progressed since our arrival!

We were able to leave them with a small gift.  Remember, the picture I said, “Remember this picture?”  Well, we had it blown up, framed and presented to them.  On the back we wrote an inscription that said, “From small beginnings, come great things!”

They were so excited, they showed EVERYONE; the kids and the parents!

And as always, our ever so helpful Denver, made sure it was hung on the wall; to add to the decor!

Though our time has come to end, the Gwegwesha Day Care needs continue…  Though Wellington is very happy to see his vision come to true, there is still work to be done.  Remember the Crèche is one room; no cooling or heating system, no electricity and no running water.

Every morning the Teacher Aide was the first to show up and the first thing she does is walk to the community fountain for water that will be used for the day.

The shelter lacks a facility that will enable them to feed the children.  Wellington is working diligently to get a school feeding scheme approved for the Crèche.  In order to do so, the Crèche must have a kitchen that is separate from the classroom.  This need has made building a kitchen for the Crèche a priority for Volunteer Africa 32 South.

As we engaged on the property on our final review day, the men continued to discuss and analyze the next steps for the Crèche.

I’m confident with the Grace of God and these two guys heads together, they will ensure that Gwegwesha Day Care Center will become all that it can be!

Denver and Wellington

3 thoughts on “Our Work is Done, But Gwegwesha’s Needs Continue

  1. The group did a “Blessing” for “Gwegwesha Day Care Center;” the Gods in Heaven is “Smiling, each of you are “Blessed.”””

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