Our Second Weekend in Chintsa – Nelson Mandela Museum in Quno

We had originally planned to begin our tour of the Wild Coast with a tour of the Nelson Mandela Museum in the Umtata Bhunga Building for an experience in following the footprints of a man whose long walk to freedom began in the foothills that rise from the banks of the Mbhashe River.

We found the Bhunga Building closed for renovations, so at the end of our weekend we followed the footprints to Quno; the small rural village where Nelson Mandela was born, the Nelson Mandela Youth and Heritage Center exists and where his funeral will be held.


The Museum is a few meters from his home where the Madiba clan, directly related to Nelson Mandela dominates Qunu’s social landscape and several Mandela homesteads.  A directional board and signage close to the entrance directed us to our site tour guide.


 Our tour guide was Mandela’s great nephew, who assisted us with information and viewing of exhibition.


The tour began at the lot where Nelson Mandela’s primary school was located and where he was named Nelson.

The museum is a self-guided tour of the exhibitions that celebrate his life and his journey including a collection of images that illustrate and illuminate his life.

The facilities include a viewing/contemplation deck

Me and Denver

We walked a few meters down the hillside

to visit the sliding stone where Nelson Mandela enjoyed traditional youth game of sliding down the gigantic stone, located.  And of course, some of us had to play.

On our way leaving, we stopped to view Mandela’s current home in Quno

Nelson Mandela will live forever in our hearts…

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