Hello, Again! On to the Next Phase…

We returned from South Africa on Monday; November 25, 2013 with me still needing to complete some Posts about our South African experiences.  Yet once I got back to America, my life pulled me back in like, “Where have you been?”  I returned with no job and no income, which forced me to change my focus.

My Encore journey is not just about my experiences in South Africa.  My Encore journey is about my journey to find a place of employment doing something I love to do.  While my previous federal government experience provided me with the paycheck that allowed me to provide for my family as the head of a single parent household, it also created a toxic emotional environment and prohibited my peace.  When I decided to leave the environment, I made a commitment to go on a transitional journey that would allow me to move forth in a positive manner.

I graduated on December 14, 2013 with a Master degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Family Services.  We endured a winter storm that deposited hefty amounts of snow on Graduation Day, but my family and I made it!

This celebration was shared with others from my South African experience; Dr. Frances L. Murphy (our Faculty Leader) and Emily Bland (who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Sciences)!

Now that I’ve graduated with a Master degree, I have approached the most challenging portion of this journey; finding employment where I can combine purpose, passion and a paycheck.  Because my focus of this journey has changed, so will the focus of this blog; which will now transition to the chronicles of being a recent graduate with a Master degree and the challenges of seeking purposeful employment.  I’ve really enjoyed having you tune in.  But if you just tuned in to stay informed on my South African experience, you might want to tune out, because we are moving to the next phase.  I pray you continue this journey with me, because I really enjoyed having your presence!

Until next time…   

3 thoughts on “Hello, Again! On to the Next Phase…

  1. Congratulations on receiving your Masters! Glad you are back safely in the U.S. All the best to you in this next phase, so that you might find meaningful employment.

  2. Hi Demetris,

    Congratulation!!!!! Please send me your address so I can put card in mail .

    Thank, Annette Smith Dixon

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Keep posting, I’m still listening and rooting for you! I admire your drive and resolve to not settle for just a paycheck. Life’s too short. One step at a time and you’ll make it through.

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