Easter Love from Lutho

Easter Love from Lutho

Dear Aunty Dee,

Happy Easter to you.  I wish you are having fun there in your Easter.  We are having so much fun in Grade 4 with our Teacher, Aunty Sharon.  We miss you here in African Angels.  When are you coming back?  We miss you.  We always talk about you in our classroom.

We went to Grahamstown.  We stayed there for one day.  We went on 15th of March.  We had so so so much fun.

It was Aunty Sharon’s birthday, too.  So we hid balloons at the wall drop and we told her there was a rat there.  Aunty Sharon said we must stay back, but we didn’t stay back.  When Tarryn told us to get in the room; Owam was crying, but not for real.  We showered and wore our pajamas and had a party!  We had cake, ice cream and jelly.  We had a braai (Afrikaans for “barbecue” or “grill;” a social custom in South Africa) too!

Thobs was our driver


and he braai’ed for us, too.  We had fun there!



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