Continuing My Encore Journey

Encore Journey

I had endured a very challenging childhood that presented situations that were unimaginable, unjust and unhealthy.  I would look back on my life and wish a great number of things had been different.  I couldn’t do anything about my past childhood, but I could make change efforts in my adulthood.  I made a personal commitment to be the change I wanted to see, which I made as my driving motivation in my adult life.

My professional career was driven by making enough money to raise my only son as a single mother.  My 23 1/2 federal government career provided me with the financial means to do so.  Yet, in the last 15 of my 23 1/2 years tenure,  I had been working in a toxic environment driven by work place bullying for 15 years.  I was making very good money, but was professionally drained and unhappy.

In 2010, my son graduated with his Master degree and had obtained a position as a High School Counselor; my job as a single mother had been successfully accomplished.  I begin to realize that I no longer needed to endure this toxic environment and I needed to reprogram my mind, body and spirit to focus on a me, my own accomplishments and a healthy life.

In 2011, I decided to step out on faith and leave my federal government career in search of employment that would allow me to be the change I wanted to see; which I call my “Encore Journey.”  This decision lead me to the decision to pursue a graduate degree.  I felt that it would be the best way to explore new opportunities.  Pursing my graduate degree lead me to Study Abroad in South Africa for my last semester (Fall, 2013) in graduate school.

I initially started this blog under the suggestion and encouragement of Kelly Holland, who was working as the Study Abroad Coordinator at Eastern Illinois University, to document my experiences of Study Abroad in South Africa.  I didn’t know too much about blogging, but I was willing to give it a try and as an end result, I LOVED IT!  I wanted to continue to blog, but was unsure about what I could blog about.  Just recently, I decided to restart and continue my blog to document my Encore Journey.

So if you initially joined by blog ONLY to explore my experiences in South Africa, this is a notice to inform you that I am restarting and continuing this blog with with my experiences of my Encore Journey.  Yet, I invite you to stay engaged, share your comments and encouragement as I continue to document my Encore Journey.