About Me – Making Memories for Others

Becoming a Substitute Teacher in January, 2014 (highly recommended by my Son) was the first job I could secure after my return from South Africa in November, 2013 and graduating with my Master degree in Family Studies in December, 2013.  This meant that now my Son, my Daughter-In-Law and I were all working in the school system.  For the first time, this year, we were all going to have Spring Break at the same time.
For this reason and coupled with the fact my Daughter-In-Law was pregnant with my GrandSon (due in July), she got in the traveling spirit and came up with the brilliant idea for us to take a family trip to visit GrandDaughter Mink’s GODFather, Eric and his girl, Rachel; who had recently purchased a home in the Atlanta area and we were excited to visit!

We went to Georgia with tourist mentality.  We wanted engage in the Atlanta area as tourist; to make it educational for Mink; it was Spring Break.  We were especially interested in touring the King Center; an educational and social change institution.
When my Sister heard about us housewarming trip to Eric’s place, coupled with her traveling spirit and remember, her vow to be more physically present with her niece and nephew, she decided to join us in Atlanta!


Additionally and ironically, our Cousin/Sister Regina and her newly wed husband, Leon (married March 28, 2015) were in Atlanta during the same time.


We made plans to meet them at the King Center for a Family Day Adventure!  (Rachel had to work)

Our goal for the experience was to not only engage in the experience for ourselves, but especially to bring awareness and educate Mink.  But a wrench was threw in our game and she saw this before we could enter the center.


Though Dad and Mom insisted that she continue on our quest,


she became disengaged and disruptive to where she kept loudly repeating, “I want to go to the park!”  So Dad and GODFather Eric took her to the playground, while we continue to engage inside the center.

When Regina, Leon and Doreece decided to proceed to the Freedom Walk, I chose to go to the park to capture pictures of GrandDaughter Mink on the Playground; because she LOVES playgrounds!
While there we began talking to a nice guy, sitting at the playground, as well.  He gave us insight on how he felt it was to live in Atlanta, places to visit in Atlanta and things to do.  He told us he was at the King Center with his Son; who was playing on the playground as well.  He explained to us that his Son lived with his Mother in a different city and they had met at a midpoint from their homes in order for him to get the Son and spend the weekend with him.  “AAWW, that’s so nice,” I responded.  I was so impressed and touched to hear that they were two parents that had rose to the occasion of functioning in the best interest of the child and I told him such.  He responded by saying, “It wasn’t always like this.  We had to grow to get to this point.”  I was even more impressed and touched; their presence exemplified “parental growth.”
Of course, my response was, “Take lots of pictures; this time is PRICELESS!”  He responded, “Yeah, but my phone has died.”
OPPORTUNITY for Change; because I LOVE making memories for others!  I wanted to capture this moment for them.
I said, “Do you want me to take you guys picture?!”
He said, “Absolutely!  But how would I get it?!”
Me:  “Do you have Facebook (the quickest and easiest way to share pictures today)?!”
He:  “Yes”
He gave me his Facebook information, I sent him a friend request for him to accept, when he regained access to his phone.  We are still Facebook friends today.

Hats off to the Parents that are doing whatever it takes to parent in the best interest of the children!

Salute to Marcus Campbell and His Son’s Mother!!

About Me – My Hobby

Photography is my hobby (what I do regularly for pleasure) and has been all of my life.  Most people that know me from all walks of my life, know and remember me taking pictures. I’ve always had a passion for pictures and my camera is my American Express; “I don’t leave home without it.”  It was my greatest asset during my travel to study abroad. (Photos taken by Frances L. Murphy, PhD.)

Because I lost my parents at an early age, pictures of them were the next best thing to them existing to me.  When I would see pictures of them, I used to study them; thinking I could get to know them, if I really concentrated.  So I view pictures as opportunities to capture memories.
In most of the pictures I saw of my parents, they were standing so far back, I really could not see their faces.  It seemed to be some type of trend, (back in the black and white picture days) because it seemed as if a lot of pictures were taken that way.  Because of my challenges in seeing pictures of my parents, I prefer up close and personal; portrait photography.
The most enjoyable part of my hobby is that I do it for pleasure; so I can have my own preferences.  One of my preferences is taking family portraits, because family pathology is my passion.  Of course, my own family is my Number One target.  To let you know how they feel about it, they call me “Paparazzi!”  Anytime I walk in the door to a family event, they will say, “Oh, Paparazzi is here!”

My ultimate focus of this Encore journey is to create and build my legacy (the value that I hand down).  I understand that it will take time and it will grow and change as I grow and change.  In my opinion, family portraits captures legacies.  The family portrait I am most honored to capture are generational pictures; 3rd Generation, 4th Generation and 5th Generation; with 3rd Generation being the most common and 5th Generation being the most challenging.

I was most THANKFUL to be able to capture a 4 Generation for My GrandDaughter Mink on her Maternal side!  Her Great GrandMother Edna King (second from the left) is currently 93 years old; she was 92 years old when this picture was taken.  I pray I am able to capture another one, now that she has grown.

King – 4 Generation

Continuing to use my camera to capture my Encore journey, memories and building a legacy…

So when you see me, be ready to capture a memory and be a part of my legacy!!

Until next time…