Happy Birthday! GOD-Given Uncle

Remember this year, as suggested by Random Acts of Kindness, I will be acknowledging people who I am most grateful for having in my life (I call them My GOD-Given Family) by posting Thank You Note to them on their Birthdays.

Today I want to acknowledge another blood-related Maternal First Cousin, 1x removed, George Cary Jackson, Jr.
on his 85th Birthday!


in Chicago, IL

Though he was born into my life as a Cousin, he has lived in my life as an Uncle; which is why I consider him to be My GOD-Given Uncle!

 Uncle George,  On your birthday I want to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life.  Thank you for being who you are!

I am most inspired by your determination to go to college and pursue your Bachelor degree in your later years.  You were one of my inspirations to do the same!  I really connected with you, when you shared your mistake in pursing your degree with a focus “to make money” instead of “following your passion.”  You now know that you should have been a Counselor.  I can tell you today, you were a Counselor for me and want to THANK YOU for being so!  I will always treasure all of the conversations we’ve shared and your honesty earned the utmost respect for you!


I was honored to watch My GrandDaughter Mink get to know you and build a foundation of who you are in our Family.  It touched my heart to see her go from being shy and scared, when you spoke to her to her going into your room to talk to you.  The times when she did not see you and ask, “Where is Uncle George?!”


Uncle George and GrandDaughter Mink

From you to her is four (4) generations

THANK YOU for being Our GOD-Given Uncle!