The Best LOVE

One of my greatest gifts is SELF LOVE!  I don’t know how I obtained it, but when I look back I realize I’ve always had it.  I’m thinking it came from me losing my parents at a young age and not feeling loved.  I’m guessing I knew I was my only choice for love and I deserved to be happy; whether I was in a relationship or not.  I’ve come to learn that the foundation of any relationship is SELF LOVE!

Most of my life I’ve had a long time relationship with myself and my single status does not determine my self-worth.  It has allowed me to develop a healthy romance for life.


I’ve imagined what type of person I would want to be in a relationship with and I function as that person to myself.  As a matter of fact, I’ve grown to LOVE my own company and am very good to myself!  I am able to go to the movies alone.  I am able to eat out at a restaurant alone.  I am able to attend events alone.  Not only am I able to do these things alone, I’ve come to LOVE it!

Functioning alone makes life easy like Sunday Morning!  To many times people place the needs of others before their own and view themselves through the eyes and opinions of others.  The personal growth of appreciating self is imperative in order to learn to appreciate others.  I make a conscious effort on a consistent base to care about ME!  It’s called Self-Care.

Life Lesson:  


If you have not discovered SELF LOVE,
you are not fit to enter a relationship with anyone else!

Take out time to CARE and LOVE YOURSELF!

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 In light of Valentine’s Day, I THANK GOD that I maintain the ability to LOVE ME!
Everyday is Valentines Day for ME!