Happy Birthday! GOD-Given Valentine!

As suggested by Random Acts of Kindness to acknowledge people who I am most grateful for having in my life (I call them My GOD-Given Family), I am posting Thank You Notes to them on their Birthdays.

Today I want to acknowledge my first GrandChild and my ONLY GrandDaughter
DeYani Danielle Lawrence
(affectionately called Mink)
on her 5th Birthday!

The way I see it, because I am able to demonstrate the veracity of my faith in GOD by maintaining a Single Self-Loving Life, GOD BLESSED me with the
SWEETEST Valentine’s Gift Ever –
My First GrandChild born on Valentine’s Day!


Every year on her birthday, I am MOST GRATEFUL My Valentine for her!

I was fortunate to be able to attend her first three (3) birthday celebrations.


1st Birthday


2nd Birthday


3rd Birthday

I’ve been living away from her since October, 2015; so I wasn’t able to attend her 4th Birthday and I won’t be able to attend her 5th Birthday.

Since I’ve been living away, our family has found ways to consistently communicate.  We use a Family GroupMe to text all the adult members of our family.   My Son, also, introduced us to the Marco Polo App, which allows us to communicate via video messages.  My GrandDaughter has her own iPad; that she’s had since she was about a year old.  My Son and Daughter-In-Law loaded FaceTime on her iPad and she has learned to independently FaceTime me.


2 years old with her iPad

 I can not remember the exact source, but I read about a Valentine celebration tradition suggestion on the internet; to make Valentine hearts for your children, write positive affirmations about them and post one a day on their bedroom door.  It’s called an Affirmation Door.  I thought, “Oh, this will be a great idea for my GrandDaughter Mink; since her birthday is on Valentine’s Day!”

I went out and bought all of the necessary supplies to make Valentine Hearts to mail to her daily.  I began mailing them to her in order for her to receive the first one on February 01.  Each time she received one my Daughter-In-Law would make a Marco Polo video of her response.  The first one she received, she was excitedly jumping around with the envelope in her hand saying, “Hey Magogo, I have my letter sent from you!  I LOVE IT!”  After she had received about four, she FaceTimed me and said, “I have something to show you!”  She showed the hearts on her bedroom door.  She was loving it!


This is not her door; this is an example from Mama Drama

I was doing good until we (in Sacramento) had a very rainy week and it literally rained really hard for a week!  When it came time for me to walk to the mailbox, I was like, “I am not about to walk in that rain!”  So, I didn’t go for a few days.

The first day Mink did not receive a heart in the mail, she immediately FaceTimed me.  As soon as I connected with her she said, “Magogo, where is my heart?!”  Now, I did not tell her I was sending her a heart every day, but apparently she came to that conclusion after receiving one everyday.

After evaluating my efforts and her responses, I have decided to implement this Valentine’s Day Tradition for her every year!  Even though, I fell off on my consistency for this year, I plan to get better and better each year!

Today I want to THANK My Valentine… 


…for BLESSING me with the SWEETEST Valentine’s Gift Ever!


The Gift that Keeps on Giving!