Discovering My GOD Seeds

I believe the greatest gift you can give yourself is to discover your GOD Seed(s).  These are seeds that were made especially for you, grows within you and used by you.  This has been one of my greatest challenges; discovering what my GOD seed(s) were.

When I was faced with the challenge of what I would do as an empty-nester, I realized the need to embrace a self-evaluation.  During my self-evaluation period, I realized in order to ascertain my purpose in life, I needed to detect my GOD seeds.  Going into this self-discovery, I knew I had obtained and maintained the gift of resilience.  Yet, I did not see it as a GOD seed, because my resilience had been a learned behavior that was entrust upon me in my need to survive as an abused orphan and a parent-less single-parent.

I needed to know the seeds that I was born with; not the gifts that I had learned.  I realized this self-discovery should have been initiated and nurtured early in my life and here I was just beginning to explore them as an empty-nester!  I developed an urgent hunger within myself.  It seemed as if the more I craved the discovery, the less I found.
I decided to resign from my 23 ½ years of federal government service to attend graduate school and hopefully discover my GOD seed(s).  Graduate school did just that for me!  It was after studying abroad in South Africa and during my oral comprehensive exam with Jacquelyn Frank, PhD, Lisa Moyer, PhD and Frances Murphy, PhD.  Dr. Murphy, was the South Africans have affectionally grown to call “Prof,” was my Study Abroad Professor.  During this session, she explained to me for the first time in her many tours of leading students in studying abroad, I was the first student for which she learned so much from!  She further explained how she was moved by my empathy.  After listening to her, I responded by saying, “Well, I’ve always been this way; so, I assumed everyone was this way.”  All three (3) of my Professors unanimously responded, “Oh no, everyone is not that way!”
Through this awareness, I reflected on how I have always been a defender for people who struggled to stand up for themselves, an advocate for people who struggled to speak for themselves and the first one to join the team of underdogs; I could never thrive in the life of the privileged.  This graduate school session is when and where I realized my gift of empathy must be my GOD seed!
Now, that I knew at least one of my GOD seeds, I wanted to learn more about it.  I slowly began to learn that empathy is on a decline while narcissism is on an incline.  This awareness has presented a challenge for me to discover how can I use my gift of empathy in a world that self-absorbed?!
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