Happy Birthday! GOD-Given Brother

Today I want to acknowledge someone who is not blood-related to me, but has grown and lived in my life as a Brother;
Tyrone Cortez Davis
on his 55th Birthday!

Tyrone and I were in the same class 7th – 9th grade at Hughes-Quinn Junior High School.  We went to the same high school at Lincoln Senior High School and graduated together in 1980.  We went to the same college at Eastern Illinois University.  Even though we had been attending school together since 7th grade, our relationship as siblings did not grow until we started college together.  He was my Home Boy from home; which started him being my GOD-Given Brother!

We are also siblings in the Greek World;
Tyrone is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.


Ty,  On your birthday I want to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life.  Thank you for being who you are!

I am most inspired by your ability to accept challenges of the unknown in spite of your fears.  Remember Mr. Backstrom at Hughes-Quinn, our teacher that was the beast in paddling kids?!  I remember when you would accept the classroom challenge to purposely do something that would force him give you a paddling!  We wanted to see who was strong enough to take a paddling from him with no fear or flinch.  You would work extra hard to be the one and most times you were the one!
I am most grateful for you being one of my most reliable friends.  You were there for me, when I was pregnant with my son and feeling unsupported.  I will never forget the many times I called on you for assistance and you always came through.  It was during this time I learned that you have a beautiful heart.

Though, I thought some of your actions were kind of crazy, I knew you had a good heart.  

It was 30 years later, when your loyalty came full circle and you agreed to not only attend my Son’s wedding in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, but to stand as one of his Best Men.
It was meaningful that you were there for me, when my Son was in the womb and you were there for him as he took a major step in his adulthood.
It was hilarious at the reception, when all of the Best Men ran from the garter toss.  You volunteered to be blindfolded and place the garter on the bouquet catcher’s leg.  Only to be surprised that they implemented a switch-a-roo and my Son changed seats with the bouquet catcher!

I was not surprised watching you trying to get my GrandDaughter Mink to allow you to take a picture with her.  I kept telling you not to take it personally, because she had been turning people down all week, but you were adamant that you could convince her.  This was your best shot!
I am most appreciative for your handyman skills, coupled with you having a good heart; which were both beneficial to me as a homeowner.  I was truly impressed when you were able to input a ceiling fan and all of its connections in my living room that was not prepped for one!  THANK GOD for the distance we lived apart, because I probably would have gotten on your nerves with requests!
Just like blood-related brothers and sisters, we have had some sibling rivalry!  Remember, for a minute, I thought you were the devil; because your crazy actions could some times get out of hand.  Just when I was about to etch you out of my life, you found GOD; which saved our friendship!  “He may not come, when you want him but he’s ALWAYS right on time!”

THANK YOU for being a TRUE Brother and Friend!


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