Happy Birthday! GOD-Given Sister

Tuesday; March 14 was the birthday of someone, who is not blood-related to me, but has grown and lived in my life as a Sister;
Ellen Regina Hartley-Nauls
on her 55th Birthday!


Ellen and I instantly became Best Friends on our initial meeting of first day of 7th Grade at Hughes-Quinn Junior High School in East St. Louis, Illinois.  Our personalities were as opposite as our physical appearance.  She’s short and I’m tall; she’s petite and I’m plus size; she’s quiet and I’m loud; she’s calm and I’m excited; she’s easy love and I’m tough love; she’s ying and I’m yang.  Though we have opposite characteristics, we became the best of friends for life!

We went to the same high school at Lincoln Senior High School and graduated together in 1980.  After we graduated, she moved to Houston, Texas to attend Texas Southern University and she has been a Texas resident every since.  She has planted her roots there; graduated from college, gotten married and had her children.


When it came time for me to choose a GODMother for my Son, she was my choice!  She has been the BEST GODMother to my Son…

…and an even GREATER GrandGODMother to my GrandChildren!

Ellen,  On your birthday I want to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life.  Thank you for being who you are!

I am most inspired by your love for family!


With Her Sisters; Betty, Tisha and Pat


With Her Immediate Family; Jared (Son), Jasmine (Daughter) and Stanford (Husband)

I am, also, inspired by your ability to do the right thing and follow the rules!  Whenever I am faced with describing the type of person you are, I always use the scenario of how you are always willing to help, but steadfast in following the rules!
It was during our vacation in Nuevo Vallarta Nay, Mexico for Magic (my Son) & LaToya (my Daughter-In-Law)’s wedding.  By the time we had all settled in and christened the upgraded Texas Family Suite with our first Family Gathering as our Hospitality Hot Spot…

Magic & LaToya’s Wedding Guest in the upgraded Texas Family Suite

…some decided to take the festivities to the pool for some Late Night Swimming!  You decided that you would check out the scene before you joined in.

The pool partiers (Tyrone, Sheree, Jasmine and Syliva) realized that they forgot to retrieve pool towels and asked you to take their towel cards to get some for them.  As you are always willing to assist, you went.  You came back with the towels and the announcement, “Hey guys, they said the pool is closed!”  They received the information and the towels, but continue to engage in their pool fun.  As you and I sat on the side to watch, Sherrie said, “Hey Gina, I thought you were going to get in the pool?!”  And you calmly repeated, “They said the pool is closed!”

I am most grateful for your compassionate spirit.  As your friend, I came to know, learn and understand your apathetic demeanor was no indication for your naturally high degree of emotional intelligence to help and comfort others.  You have been one of my first classic examples of understanding the true meaning of a deep-rooted TRUE friendship.  I want to THANK YOU for not deserting me, when things got rough for me; sticking by me through my Highs and Lows.
It has been 30 years and I am still disappointed that I was not financially able to serve as a Brides Maid in your wedding, when you called on me to do so.
I’m most grateful for your ability to be trustworthy and keep it REAL; telling me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear.

Your friendship is an invaluable treasure that I am
TRULY GRATEFUL to GOD for giving me
43 years ago!



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