Inaugural Excursion – California Chapter

Now that Linda and I have made an agreement to take time to engage in a GrandParent’s Hands excursion, we had to decide on how to begin.   We knew what (building Self) we wanted to do, we knew how (engaging in a bi-monthly excursion) we wanted to do it and we knew why (improve Self-Worth) we wanted to do it.  We needed to figure out when we wanted to start and where.

Because both of our birthdays are in July (Linda -7th and Me -22), we agreed to start this journey in July.

Faced with the challenge of figuring out where we would start our Inaugural Excursion, we utilized the analytical and critical thinking skills we had developed as parents and decided to use Groupon; a one-stop shop for a variety of things to do, coupled with a discount!
We wanted to find and engage in activities that we had never done before.  Yet as GrandParents, we had some restrictions.  We acknowledged there were just some things we were not willing, able or desired to do.  And there were some things we were just not going to do.  Because we were searching near July, the event that caught our attention was the California State Fair.
I had never been to the California State Fair and Linda had not been since she was a little girl.  Of course, this is an event that most attend with children.  We became intrigued with the thought of attending without children?!  How much money would we save?  What would we do?  How much money would we spend?  What would we buy?  How much money would we save?  We had to go to see!
We purchased the Early Bird Admission Package for Two on Groupon.  The package included Admission for Two (2), Two (2) Monorail Tickets and 1 Savings Book.
We originally planned to attend on Sunday; July 15, 2018; which was the middle of both of our birth dates.  Due to a schedule change, we postponed until the next Sunday; which was my actual birthday!

We arrived at 11:00 am in the scorching 94 degrees temperature.  I guess Linda’s experience with having more than one child awarded her with preparation knowledge, because my Girl showed up with a bag full of necessities.  She had bottled waters for both of us, wash cloths for both of us, umbrellas and portable fans.  She said all she needed was a hat.

As parents, we had learned the value of planning; so our plan was to ride the Monorail in order to view the scenery and locate the spots we wanted to explore.  Upon our entrance, we learned the Monorail was out of order.  They had practically run out of the Savings Books, but because we were persistent, they were able to track one down to give to us.
We resorted to walking around to explore.  There were a great number of rides to chose from.  The only ride I would have considered to engage in was the Giant Ferris Wheel and Linda was not having it.  So no rides for us; we saved on not having to buy any tickets.
There was plenty of food to choose from.  After exploring our options, we felt the State Fair could be renamed “The Fried Food Festival!”  We had never seen or heard of so many different fried food options; deep fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter cups, deep fried cinnamon rolls, deep fried grilled cheese sandwich, deep fried Hostess, deep fried lobster in the lobster fries, deep fried nachos, deep fried Oreos, deep fried Pop Tarts, deep fried watermelon…  We could not imagine spending our money to try one of these deep fried delicatessens.  Our bravery only allowed us to try the lobster fries with the friend lobster and we were not that impressed.

A man asked us if he and his son could share the table with us to eat their lunch!  Look at the size of their corn dog!


As GrandParents, we mainly walked around looking for shaded areas to sit and enjoy the scenery.

We both agree that we would keep the California State Fair on the list of “Things GrandParents Can Do”

We would probably arrive later in the day to avoid the some of the scorching sun and catch the evening shows.

We had an enjoyable time and Linda was successful in finding not one, but two hats!