Best Mail Ever – Easter Love from South Africa

My son brought me some mail today that TRULY TOUCHED MY HEART; it came all the way from SOUTH AFRICA!

I received seven (7) beautifully handmade Easter cards from My Grade 3 Students from African Angels (African Heartland Journeys)! Also enclosed was an EXTRA SPECIAL Handmade Beaded Heart Shaped Keychain!


I am SO SUPRISED and MOVED; this is the BEST mail I’ve EVER received, because the thought of it is SO SPECIAL!

They all had really sweet messages, but the one that made me laugh through my tears said, “Please tell your parents to send you back here to our school!” AAWW, SO SWEET!! I miss my little students SO MUCH!!

I MUST give EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Sharon Edworthy; one of the GREATEST TEACHERS I’ve ever met!!



You guys are ALWAYS in my HEART and you’ll never know when you might look up and I might surprise you guys and be back in Chintsa! I’ve got to take pictures of my cards, so I can show my Facebook Friends how beautiful they are… BEST MAIL EVER!!!


Our First Weekend in Chintsa East

Though we were some hard workers in Chintsa East, our weekends were planned to be fun!  We spent our first weekend in Chintsa East and most of the time studying.

We did take time to enjoy the beach!  Because our house was beach front, we only lived a short walk to the beach.

While we were at the beach, we saw people beach horse riding.

We thought about trying it, but we never got the chance.  Though, it was fun just watching other people do it.

GREAT time at the beach!