Outside Benches for Gwegwesha Day Care Center

Our next project at Gwegwesha was to build outside benches near the playground area that would allow the teachers to sit and watch the children while they were playing in the playground area. These were the only tools we used.  Notice:  no power tools.   370 We began by using a pickaxe to break the ground and make holes for the poles.

Next, we used a hand saw to cut the poles.

We placed the poles into the holes. 367 Next we shoveled the dirt back into the hole and stamped it around the pole. 269   Next we used the hand saw to cut down and tailor the poles.


After constructing the poles, we added the planks for the seat of the bench.

Here is one of the two benches we made. 161   And to show you how strong it is, here we all are sitting on one of the benches! 158   That was the end of our week.


When we returned for our second week, we tarnished the benches. 211   Now the teachers were able to use the benches, while the children played in the play area. 554   Not only were the teachers able to use the benches, so were the children and US!

Toilets for Gwegwesha Day Care Center

Because Wellington is a very resourceful community leader, he learned of Volunteer Africa 32 South and the work they did to uplift and develop rural African schools.  He reached out to them for assistance.  They agreed and made a commitment to help him, which is how we connected to his project.

Before our arrival, Volunteer Africa had previously connected a group from Germany to work on Wellington’s project.  They were successful in building the fence around the property and refurbishing the inside roof in the shelter.  They did not stop there.  Because the shelter was just one room, there was no bathroom.  The children were using a little potty that was outside on the side of the shelter; no privacy amongst each other or anyone else.  The Germany group saw this as a priority need, when they were working at the crèche and they collected funds from their friends in Germany and purchased outside toilets (portal potties) for the crèche.

By the time we arrived, installing the toilets was next on the agenda.  The Germany group had already completed digging the holes for the toilets.


The next step was building the foundation for the toilets, which included making and laying cement.

Wellington had different piles of rocks and sand on his land.  We needed to transport the rocks and sand across the road to the creche grounds.  We used one wheel barrel and filed it up with rocks.  After it was filled, Ronald, one of the project helpers or Denver would walk it across the road to the Crèche.

Next, we had to mix the rocks and sand.  Then add water, cement and mix it all together.

Next, the board for the cement had to be laid.

Then tailored with a hole for the toilet.


Next, the steps for the cement to be added.

Next, the cement was poured onto the board.

And that was the end of our week.  The work continued with the other four of our group, the next week.  When we returned for our second week, the toilets were installed!

Now, the kids can have privacy when using the toilets!  Denver had to teach them to stand in a line.