Transition – GrandSon (Birthday Twin)

My Maternal Family is able to track our family tree back to 1831 to my Great Great Great Grandfather Jacob M. Ransom, who was born on my birthday July 22.  I have been mostly impressed that our family has been able to maintain our family information as far back to slavery, because Jacob M. Ransom had to be born a slave.  I have to give credit to our Cousin, The Late Florine Ransom-Rosser for not only keeping the information, but passing it on to her children and other relatives.

I was shocked and mostly felt honored, when I found out Jacob M. Ransom and I shared the same birthday (131 years apart)!  History has a way of repeating itself, but this time it only took 53 years; this year, my GrandSon (Daniel DeLorez Lawrence, Jr.) was born on our birthday!  My nickname for him is “Magic Deuce.”

Just a note:  I named my son after my parents, because I lost them so early in life.  My Dad’s name was Daniel Gibson, Jr.  My Mother’s name was Delores Lawrence.  So I named my Son Daniel DeLorez Lawrence and I gave him the nickname of “Magic.”  So I nicknamed my GrandSon “Magic Deuce,” because he is my second Magic.   


I feel like he is a Birthday Gift from GOD!

Now that I have two Grandchildren, I realized this would present a change for our “Mink and Magogo Day,” because I would not want to continue to pick up My GrandDaughter without seeing My GrandSon.  When I presented my concern to My Son and My Daughter-In-Law, my Son came up with the solution, “Well, now you need to come every Sunday instead of every other Sunday!”  Immediately, I responded, “Are you crazy?!  I have to have time for myself!”

Though I had been successful with picking up my GrandDaughter every other Sunday, it was a challenge with all the other things I had to accomplish in my life.  The Sunday that I didn’t pick her up was “My Sunday” and now you trying to tell me to give that up as well?!  I was not trying to hear that!

Then I stopped to remembered “anything worth having takes sacrifice.”  I knew I wanted to build a relationship with my GrandSon as well.  So I reconsidered the situation and compromised.  I decided and agreed to come spend time with the entire family every Sunday until My Daughter-In-Law was well and back to work; to help out with washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning up; anything I can do to help out.  But most importantly to spend time with my Grandchildren.

My GrandDaughter LOVES to have visitors come to the Home!  Now that I have been coming every Sunday, she wants me to spend all of the time with her.  She has created a game called “Sleepover,” which means for me to come to her room and play with her.  When I come in her room, she closes the door so no one else can come in.


Playing Sleepover

I had to explain to her that I can’t spend all of the time playing “Sleepover” with her.  I have to spread the love.  I have to spend time with My GrandDog Misti Bleu, My GrandSon Magic Deuce and with Mom and Dad.  We all had to readjust our lives to include a new addition, which brought about a change.  Currently, our “Mink and Magogo Day” has changed to “Family Day” and we all had to adjust accordingly.  She responded and said, “Okay” and she seems to understand.  We are both experiencing change; she has to share her “Mink and Magogo Day” and I had to give up “My Sunday.”  I thought it would be difficult for her, but she is like her Magogo; a Soldier!!

We are experiencing a New Transition and we THANK GOD for it!