August 11 & 12 – Eleventh & Twelveth Day in Cape Town

August 11

August 11 was a study day for us, because we had a paper due on August 12.  Besides from going to our favorite restaurant, Café Extrablatt, we spent most of our day and night inside writing our papers.

August 12 – We started our day with class, of course.  Then we were escorted by Luke Angel to shop at wholesale places on Long Street.  Luke was previously an African Art Salesman and knows all of the ins and outs of buying African art.  One of the stores we visited was Pan African Market, which seems like a Sam’s Club for African art.  They had everything you could possibly think of and yet I wasn’t able to find much that I wanted.  The one bag I did buy is currently tearing up as I speak.

Our favorite meal at Cafe’ Extrablatt

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During our shopping tour, we stopped at RCaffe’, which is an unsuspecting restaurant and coffee shop in the heart of Long Street serving gourmet sandwiches and croissants, for lunch.  I had a Peri Peri Chicken wrap that was pretty good.  We all shared a chocolate cupcake that was to die for!

Perii Peri Chicken Wrap

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Later, we went for dinner and a play at the Baxter Theatre Center at the University of Cape Town called “Hayani,” which means “home” in Venda.  The play explored what home meant in South Africa and investigated the stories of two unique South Africans to reveal a complex, honest and moving journey towards understanding themselves as South Africans and what it means to be South African.  Atandwa Kani, originally from New Brighton in Port Elizabeth, and Nat Ramabulana, from Thohoyandou in Limpopo, weaved personal narratives against the joyous transitional years in South Africa.  They were excellent entertainers as they played each other’s parents and siblings, turning the performance space into an interactive playground of very personal memories. With live music on stage, they took us on a magical journey of intimate and beautiful storytelling.

The stage for “Hayani”
We couldn’t take pictures of the play

The live music in the play

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August 10 – Tenth Day in Cape Town

Today we took our Mid-term exam; not one of our favorite activities, but its part of the process (international learning)!148 149 161

Later we went to dinner with Luke Angels, Director of African Angels Tours.  We dined at Café Extrablatt for the first time and it has become me and my flatmates most favorite place to eat!

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After dinner we were escorted by Kay-Lin Hermanus and her friend Amy to experience the night life of Cape Town.  When I’m home in America, I don’t go out for the night life; never was something I enjoyed doing.  I decided to go; just for the experience, to see how it was.  Remember, I’m out here experiencing and this was the experience for the day. We caught a taxi to Long Street, which is a major street located in the City Bowl section of Cape Town.  It is famous as a bohemian hang out and the street is lined with many book stores, various ethnic restaurants and bars.  Some of the clubs we barhopped to were Abantu Lodge & Backpacker, Bob’s and The Dubliner (to name a few).  At one of the clubs, we met a guy that was from Chicago and man he had that “Dougie” down; he was jamming!   In my opinion, it was pretty much the same as it was home; no one asks others to dance.  If they dance, they dance with the people they came with or by themselves; which is why I never understood the purpose of going out.  Again in my opinion, it’s more like a meat market, where people come out just to check each other out.  Different country, same concept.

Amy & Kay-Lin

The guys we met from Chicago; doing the “Dougie!”

By this time I had had enough of the night life, so Jaime, Anna and I got a ride home from Kay-Lin’s boyfriend.      175 176 173 174 178 179