Emmanuel Advice Care Center – Spring School Break – September 23 – 30

School was closed from September 23 – 30 for Spring Break, which meant we would have been on break from our internships at Charles Duna and Tshume Primary Schools.  NOT; instead we spent the Spring Break at Emmanuel Advice Care Center, which is a  non-profit community development project dedicated to the high incidence of HIV/AIDS.

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Estolene Esau is the Project Manager, responsible for Finance and cares about the staff and funding.


Thembeka Klaaasen is one of the Founder Members; started as Care Giver and is now the Supervisor.


With her son Emmanuel


Sarah Sass is another Founder Member, who has known many of her clients for a long time and has a close relationship with them.

Sarah with her Daughter

Anita Hutton is another Founder Member; started as a Care Giver, appointed to Team Leader and is now responsible for Administration.


With her Daughter

Veronica Mantile, better known as “Mama Arch,” started as a Cook and when they had to stop the kitchen because of funding, she began to work as a Care Giver.  She still helps in the kitchen, when there is a need.  And boy, did we need her!

037 099 112 113 257

Thokozile Buyaphi is also a Care Giver.

With her Daughter


Vuyo Oliphant started as a handyman and now works as a Care Giver.  He is also a very good keyboard player and often assists with the OVC’s Dancing Group.


Pumeza Ndyenga is the Crèche teacher.

With her Grandson

With her children

Rosaline Pullen began this year as a Crèche teacher and an administrator.

With her Daughter