Knysna Accomodations

In Knysna, we stayed at “B My Guest,” where each room has a bird’s name.  Amber and I stayed in the “Sugarbird” room.

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We had breakfast at the East Head Cafe’ and I must say this restaurant had excellent customer service for the American mentality!  We were seated in chairs that had blankets and the waitress immediately asked if anyone wanted a heated water bottle!  Remember, water bottles are a form of heat in South Africa!

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The food was just as awesome as the service!!


Freshly squeezed apple juice

Hot Chocolate

American-style French Toast


August 21 – 21st Day in Cape Town

Today we visited the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, which plays a direct and active role in national affairs.  The national government is composed of three (3) inter-connected branches, with three cities acting as the capital:  Legislative, located in Cape Town; Executive, located in Pretoria; and Judicial, located in Bloemfontein.  Our visit was to the Executive branch.

The President, Deputy President and the Ministers make up the executive branch of the national government. The president and ministers are Members of Parliament who are appointed by the President to head the various departments of the national government. The president is elected by parliament from its members. The ministers individually, and the Cabinet collectively, are accountable to Parliament for their actions.

Our Tour Guide

The National Assembly Chambers

President’s seat in the National Assembly Chambers

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During our visit, the Women’s Parliament was in session in the Old Assembly Chambers.  We sat in the session, but were not allowed to take photographs.

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