Accomplishment – Obtaining a Daughter-In-Law

Some people say and truly feel that a Parent can not be a Parent and a Friend with their children.  I try not to engage in that discussion, because I oppose that belief.  Because of my lack of immediate family, I was forced to play multiple roles in my son’s life.  I was not only his mother; I was his father, his siblings, his maternal/paternal grandparents and his uncles.  He was BLESSED to have an AWESOME Maternal Aunt; so I didn’t have to play that role.  Having to play these multiples roles, enhanced our relationship in multiple ways, which made us become Friends as well.

When he reached the dating period of his life (in my opinion) things were not looking good.  I was just not feeling the girls he was bringing around.  Whenever there was someone new, the people that knew us well would rush to ask me, “Well, what do you think about her?!”  It got to the point, all I would hear is “As far as you are concerned, there will NEVER be anyone good enough for Magic!”  They really believed that I felt if my son gained a relationship, I would lose our relationship.  I couldn’t convince anyone that I truly wanted my son to find someone; just the right one!

As his dating life proceeded, it seemed (in my opinion) as things were getting worse!  As usual, whenever I’m feeling desperate times, I pray!  I got on my knees, prayed and asked GOD to PLEASE help my son find the person that HE had for my Son.  To this date, I haven’t even prayed and asked GOD to send me anyone, but I felt the NEED to pray for my son!

GOD answers prayers and despite what all others thought and believed, my son found her and I THANK GOD for her!  Her name is LaToya Denise King!  He met her while he was working as a Graduate Intern at Thornridge High School in Dolton, IL; she was a Graduate Intern as well.  Currently she is a School Counselor; just like my Son!


She is the Dearest Daughter ever!  I am honored to let people know that there was someone good enough for my Son and he had found her!

My parents never married.  Me and my Son’s father never married.  When my Son and Daughter-In-Law had my Granddaughter Mink, they were engaged, but not married.  So our families were experiencing a cycle of having children out-of-wedlock.

Yet, they did get married on June 22, 2013 in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico!


And just like with my Son, I didn’t just gain a Daughter-In-Law, I gained a friend!  She has blessed me with some experiences that I know came from having a Daughter-In-Law.  One example is before I left for South Africa, they hosted a Surprise Going Away Party for me!  I was TRULY surprised!  I was most impressed by the people that were in attendance, because they all were my GOD-Given Family members!  I was intrigued that they were able to contact the party guest without any assistance from or knowledge of me; the stamp of a Daughter-In-Law, because my Son just does not think like that!


Obtaining the Daughter-In-Law that was MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH for my Son in an Encore Accomplishment!