Taking Time to Read with Children is Required Customer Service

We are living in the day where customer service is becoming extinct.

I remember the time when you would go to the gas station and receive full service; not only would the attendant pump your gas, but wash your front window shield and check your oil.  Then the self service lane became an option; you could receive full service OR pump your own gas.  Now we are living in the day, where there is no more full service; it’s totally self-service and service attendants are extinct.
We are currently seeing the same thing happening in the checkout lanes in the stores.  It used to be cashiers on every lane.  Now, self-checkout is an option; you can go to the cashier or use the self-checkout to check yourself out.  I can clearly see we are moving to the day where it will be totally self-checkout lanes and cashiers will be extinct.
I see the same thing happening at the airport.  Man, how things have changed at the airport; everything that used to be inclusive is now a’ la carte.  It used to be when you bought your airplane ticket, you would receive all inclusive service; including a meal.  Now, there is a fee to check your bags, a fee to assign your seat, a fee to sit in the exit row and a fee to eat food on the plane.  Also, there is the option to check in with the ticket agent or self-check in on the kiosk or online.  I’m sure we are moving to the day where it will be totally self-check out option and ticket agents will be extinct.
The same thing is happening in education.  In order for a child to learn to read, they were taught phonics in school.  When I became a parent and my son struggled with his reading skill, I learned that teaching in school had changed and phonics was no longer being taught in schools.  Today parent-teaching is a requirement.  I struggled with constantly being told that I needed to read with my son for 30 minutes everyday.  I kept thinking, “Nobody ever read with me for 30 minutes and I still learned how to read.”
Through this experience, I’ve learned the best gift a parent can give a child today is to take the time to read with them everyday for 30 minutes; it’s imperative.  If you have a child in school (especially elementary) and you are not reading with each of them for 30 minutes a day, you are doing your child(ren) a disservice.  The task of children learning to read solely in school has become extinct.
Your children are your customers in your family business and building a relationship is key to learning their needs.  Communication is key to building a customer relationship with your children.  Taking out time to read with them and engaging them in story can help strengthen communication skills.  This will not only enhance your relationship with your child(ren), but improve their reading skills, build their confidence, independence and self-worth.
If you are a parent and desire for your family business to prosper, you MUST maintain customer service by taking out time to read with your children at least 30 minutes a day!  Hopefully, parent’s desire to raise children to grow up, become independent and do AWESOME things has not become extinct.
Until next time…