The Struggle is Real

My desire and effort to maintain this blog has been challenging, but I aim to rise to the occasion! No matter how many times I have to restart, I will continue to do so until I conquer the challenge of consistently doing so!
Last year (2017) my aim for this blog was inspired by Random Acts of Kindness to acknowledge the people that I am most grateful for having in my life. These are the people that I choose to call My GOD-Given Family. I chose to acknowledge My GOD-Given Family members on their birthdays as a personal opportunity to let them know how much they meant to me.
Due to personal life challenges, I neglected to reach my goal. My last post was on April 23 for My Cousin/Namesake, Jameson Demetri Williams whose birthday is March 26, which means that even that post was untimely.
My lack of consistency to maintain this blog is a replica of my walk on this faithful journey
This walk of faith is not an easy walk. Just when you think you got it and you’re on your way to running, you can find yourself flat on your back! When you get up, you can realize that you are on the wrong path; which will require you to go back to your starting point and choose a different path. This is where you will need to decide, am I going to start again or am I going to just give up; because “Hell, I’m tired!”
Last year I set some goals to achieve. Yes, THANK GOD I was able to achieve some of my goals, but there were two of them that I failed to achieve;

  1. to maintain this blog with acknowledging my GOD-Given Family and
  2. getting back into the gym at least four (4) days out of the week.

As I mentioned, (2017) my last consistent day for maintaining this blog was April 23.
My last day for consistently going back to the gym was October 14.
My work efforts in accomplishing my other goals, along with life challenges had knocked me on my back with these two goals and I found myself in a halt position with them.
On Tuesday; February 13, 2018 I lost one of My GOD-Given Family members, Doris June Kimble.
She was born February 02, 1935 (my Mother was born in 1939); so she was a GOD-Given Mother. Her family and my family were raised together in Ress City, IL. You won’t find Ress City on the map, but everyone from East St. Louis, IL knows of its whereabouts. Our families attended the same church, Pilgrim Green Missionary Baptist Church. She and my Mother were brought up together, me and her Daughters (one of her Daughters; Kristine Kimble preceding her in death – 2000) were brought up together and we were bringing our Sons up together


My Son and The Late Kristine Kimble’s Son, Darryl

until we moved away. Yet, we ALWAYS stayed in touch.
Remember, both of my parents died by the time I was seven years old. So when I got older, and grew a hunger to know more about them; I found very limited information. No matter how much I researched, I came up short. My main motivation to maintain this blog is to prepare for when I am no longer among the living; to leave information about me and my life for my GrandChildren. I am clueless to the day that I will have to check into my reservation of death.
Driven to be the change I want to see, I want to use this blog like Hansel and Gretel in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. When they were abandoned in the woods by their parents with no food to fend for themselves, they followed a beautiful white bird that lead them to a large cottage built of gingerbread, cakes, candy and window panes of clear sugar. When my GrandChildren are older, desire to know more about me and I am no longer around, I pray they use this blog like that beautiful white bird, to lead them to information about me and from me.
As I reflected on losing a GOD-Given Mother, the purpose for maintaining this blog was reignited! Just like in my faith walk; “starting all over again is going to be rough, so rough; but I’m going to make it!” My advice to myself –
I won’t set any definite goals on how I will maintain this blog for this year. I am committing to a consistent effort to do so with posting as my innate intuitive ability moves me to do so.
Until next time…

One thought on “The Struggle is Real

  1. Demetris it is always a pleasure to hear from you. My granddaughter and I was speaking about you on Saturday. I applaud the Demetris’ Encore Journey and continues to look forward to knowing that you and your family is doing well. Yes The Struggle is Real but you are a Real Champion. Love you girl.

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